The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science

Nearly one-third of morning-after pills in Peru are fake

A whopping 28 percent of morning-after pills in Peru are fake. A study published today in PLOS ONE relates how some emergency contraceptives contain inadequate amounts of active ingredients that, in many cases, aren't being released quickly enough into the body to be considered effective. This, the researchers say, means that nearly one third of the pills — pills that are sold by licensed...


3D-printed cast concept uses ultrasound to heal broken bones

Last year, Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill created the Cortex cast, a concept that sought to potentially replace traditional plaster casts while also offering the added benefit of being lightweight and odor-free. Now, the Osteoid cast, a new concept designed by Deniz Karasahin, takes things a step further by adding an ultrasound device meant to speed up the healing process.

Improve heal rate by 80 percent

Cyborg video glasses show emotion so you don't have to

Emotional labor is a kind of work we often don't recognize as work: the need to appear friendly, deferential, or attentive at a job. Fast food restaurant Pret a Manger is famous (or infamous) for holding its employees to exacting friendliness standards, and emotional labor's overall importance is becoming a more and more pressing question. It's frequently, for example, implicated when talking...

More ways to fall asleep at your desk await

A new $10 million-a-month fraud ring preys on online advertisers

The ad software firm TubeMogul has uncovered a botnet ring that could be generating as much as $10 million a month in fraudulent video views, preying on advertisers like Nissan and Samsung. Like a traditional click-fraud network, the botnet works by hijacking computers with malware and sending them to generate false traffic for sites. But this network is more sophisticated, using tricks to make...

Facebook's Paper app is looking less and less like Facebook

With Paper, Facebook set out to prove that it could "think small," rebuilding itself from the ground up for mobile devices. This meant removing lots of clutter, and in some cases, leaving out certain features that some Facebook users might have considered essential. Today, Facebook is launching Paper 1.1, an update meant to add back a few of Facebook's most important features, while continuing to think about how Paper can be different.

Paper 1.1's most noticeable addition is the inclusion of Birthdays and Events, two of Facebook's oldest features. But instead of bundling the two into your...

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Wu-Tang Clan fans pooling $5 million to buy sole copy of the group's next album

There's truly a Kickstarter project for just about everything. Case in point: a new fundraising effort to pool together $5 million to buy the upcoming Wu-Tang Clan album, which the group is planning make available to only one lucky person. Last month, Wu-Tang Clan member Robert "RZA" Digg described the album, called The Wu — Once Upon a Time...

All for one, and one for all
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MLB.TV is now streaming on Google's Chromecast

Starting today, you'll be able to watch America's pastime on Chromecast. MLB.TV now supports Google's $35 streaming stick, and fans can start casting games to the TV once the required updates for At Bat 2014 arrive on Android and iOS this...


'Dream Sushi' and the art of the ringtone

It’s been years since ringtones were a multimillion-dollar industry, but the medium still has value for James Ferraro. As part of his exhibit for New York’s MoMA PS1 in Queens, 100%, the 25-year-old Los Angeles-based experimental musician composed a suite of 18 ringtones that he says are meant to evoke, the "aestheticization of capitalism." They’re all available for free download for Apple and Android phones on a lime-green website built and hosted by the museum.

The darknet just got its first black market search engine

The network of sites known as the darknet, only accessible through the anonymizing Tor browser, resembles the early internet in many ways — including being difficult to navigate. Most users get around by clicking from link to link, accessing...

Sonos is fixing its most frustrating issue

Sonos is planning to eliminate the most annoying part of its popular "wireless" music setup. Currently, if you've got Sonos speakers throughout the house, at least one of them needs to be plugged into your home router to achieve wireless playback and keep everything in sync. Plugging in the company's Bridge (seen below) is another option, but that means you're spending $50 on top of speaker costs to stream your music in every room. Thankfully, Sonos has figured out how to remove the...

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'Hitman Go' turns cold-blooded murder into an iPad board game

Hitman is about being cold-blooded. It's a series of stealth games about sneaking around so that you can murder people, and the new mobile spin-off Hitman Go manages to capture that satisfying feeling that comes from expertly plotting a route, maneuvering around guards, and quietly taking down your mark. This fact is surprising not just because it's a mobile game, and console titles rarely make a seamless transition to the small screen, but because Hitman Go completely reimagines the series...

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