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Facebook wants to help you find your friends, but do you want the help?

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The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science

Sony extends PS4's lead over Xbox One despite 'Titanfall' launch

Titanfall was the best-selling game for the month of March, according to NPD, but it didn't help Microsoft take the lead in the latest console war. Today, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has shipped over five million units, but yesterday Sony reported selling seven million units of the PlayStation 4. That's a sizable lead for Sony, especially considering that Sony says those consoles...

90 Seconds On The Verge

Facebook wants to help you find your friends, but do you want the help?

Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep. There is a Myspace user nearby. There is a Myspace user nearby. Wait, I'm sorry. It seems the user accidentally visited Myspace when he was actually looking for a site called MyFace which determines what two people’s baby would look like. We will continue to track Myspace and alert you when someone finally logs on.

Do we want Facebook's help finding friends?


Parents are going to prison for a medical diagnosis that may not exist

On a cold Wednesday evening in January 2009, Josh Miller was finishing his 8:00-to-5:00 shift as an automotive detailer at a garage in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It was just like any other day; he was tired and ready to go home. But that evening, his life would change forever. In just a few hours, Miller would find himself to be one of thousands of people embroiled in an ongoing national medical...

“We now know, however, that its premises were wrong." Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy

Norway's latest reality show is about birds in a coffee shop

What do you get when you build a bird house modeled after a coffee shop and stick a camera in front of it? The answer is NRK's Piip Show, a "reality show" that's unlike anything you've ever seen. The 24/7 online broadcast captures every moment as a variety of birds (and sometimes squirrels) stop for a breather and tussle over food that's regularly dropped into the feeder. The show's concept was originally dreamt up by photographer Magne Klann in 2003, but it's now more popular than ever thanks to Norwegian TV station NRK.

Amazon to expand Fire TV's voice search with support for Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime

Amazon announced today that the voice search functionality in its Fire TV media streaming box would soon be expanded to include information from Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime. Currently, Fire TV's voice search only supports Amazon's own content and music videos from Vevo. The company did not say exactly when the new sources would be added to the service, aside from indicating that it would arrive this summer.

The Fire TV's voice search functionality is very impressive — we found it to be faster and more accurate than any other voice recognition service we've used. But being limited to just Amazon and Vevo content really held...

National Security

'Frontline: United States of Secrets' promises 'definitive history' of domestic surveillance

Over the past two weeks, the Pulitzer and Polk awards have recognized the work of Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and other journalists responsible for bringing Edward Snowden's leaked documents to print. But one of the most high-profile TV reports on US surveillance was an uncritically supportive look from CBS and 60 Minutes. Today, PBS announced plans for a two-part Frontline special called United States of Secrets, which promises the...

Two-part special will investigate the rise of the US spy program after 9/11
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Pamela Chen: seeing the world through photographs at National Geographic

The daughter of a college mathematics professor, Pamela Chen was a math major until a single photograph changed her life forever. That simple image, of two college classmates...

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Google Q1 2014 earnings deliver $15.4 billion in revenue

Google reported its results for the first quarter of the year today, posting revenue of $15.42 billion and earnings per share of $6.27. That missed analysts' estimates of $15.52 billion in revenue and earnings of $6.42 a share. That's a miss on...

Blizzard's addictive 'Hearthstone' card game is now on iPad

Prepare to say goodbye to your free time. Blizzard's excellent digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available for iPad worldwide, after recently launching in a few select territories. The iPad version is exactly the same as its Windows and Mac counterpart, though the portable nature and addition of touch controls make this perhaps the ideal way to play the game. You can also share your account across the desktop and mobile versions of the game, so if you're already...

Google now lets you access your computer through Android with Chrome Remote Desktop

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop service, first launched in 2011, is coming to mobile. Today, the company released an Android app that will let users access their desktop computers, whether through a Chrome web app for Mac, PC, and Linux or through Chrome OS itself. Once you've set up your primary machine, you can launch the Android app to connect to it. GigaOm reported a few days ago that the app was in beta testing, but it's now available to anyone with an Android phone or tablet, though...

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