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It might get weird: why Dropbox employees are goofing around on company time

Out in the San Francisco bay, behind AT&T Park, a giant version of Dropbox’s “open box” logo bobs up and down in the waves. It’s actually a paddle boat, with the giant box built on top; inside, two of Dropbox’s employees are pedaling it around with no idea where they’re headed.

Meanwhile, the...

Getting back to its roots is a joke Dropbox takes very seriously


Amazon Fire Phone review

Two days after I first turned on the Amazon Fire Phone, I walked into the foyer of my apartment building and saw a package with my name on it. This was odd: I’m the guy who orders something and then sits patiently by the front door waiting for it, not the guy who gets surprised by packages on a...

Botched lethal injection takes nearly two hours to kill Arizona inmate

An execution taking place in Arizona tonight appears to have gone horribly awry. According to a report from the Associated Press, inmate Joseph Rudolph Wood "gasped and snorted" and was still alive more than an hour after the execution began. Wood was not pronounced dead until 3:49PM MT, one hour and 57 minutes after the beginning of the procedure.

Wood's lawyers filed an emergency appeal...

The latest in a disturbing trend

Twitter releases first diversity report on its primarily white and male staff

Twitter is joining the growing ranks of major tech companies that are publishing data on diversity within their workforce. It released the gender and ethnicity breakdown of its employees today, and, unsurprisingly, they're predominantly white and male. Overall, men make up 70 percent of roles at the company; 59 percent of Twitter's employees are white, and the bulk of the others (29 percent)...

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Microsoft made a terrible parody of 'Sexy and I Know It' to promote Surface Pro 3 and OneNote

Despite being a major institution of the tech industry, Microsoft has always been willing to be fairly lighthearted and get a little goofy. That's for better or for worse, depending on how you take it. Microsoft has a long history of making silly videos that often fall on the more embarrassing side of goofy, and little to its concern. Microsoft may well know this, but its videos don't necessarily present the perfect image for the company or its products. Case in point: a new video from its OneNote team parodying LMFAO's 2011 hit "Sexy and I Know It" to promote the Surface Pro 3. "When I...

Uber finally launches a real Windows Phone app

Windows Phone users can finally take a ride with Uber. Well, technically they could before by using Uber's previous "app" which was little more than a wrapper for the mobile site. But native software that's actually designed for Windows Phone is always better, and today there's finally an official Uber app. Yes, it arrives long after Uber debuted on rival platforms Android and iOS, but most of what you'd expect is there on day one. Set a pickup location in the app, choose the vehicle you want to ride in (Uber taxi, UberX, black car, etc.), and then sit back and wait for your driver. Payment is automatically handled via credit card, and...

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See Google's creepy, four-legged robot make its movie debut in 'Young Ones' trailer

Even incredible tech and robots can't guarantee a beautiful future. The upcoming sci-fi western Young Ones takes place in a desert of a world where water shortages have everyone struggling to survive. But the movie's setting and good looks aren't all that's interesting about it: one of its stars, of sorts, is a replica of Google's somewhat-terrifying BigDog robot.

BigDog is as creepy on film as it is in real life
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The TSA wants you to help fix airport security lines

The TSA's PreCheck program is doing a decent job of moving travelers along at many airports. But as more frequent flyers sign up to take advantage of expedited security screenings, officials are working to head off potential traffic jams at busy terminals. They've quickly come...

Scientists are cracking puberty's genetic code

Humanity is one step closer to understanding what triggers all the mysterious changes that take place in women during puberty. By looking at genetic variants in over 180,000 women of European descent, an international group of researchers was able to pinpoint which regions of our DNA contribute to the timing of puberty. This, they say, is...

These genes might explain why some women have their first period at a much younger age
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Watch the trailer for 'When Marnie Was There,' the latest film from the legendary Studio Ghibli

Revered animator Hayao Miyazaki may have bowed out of animation with the stunning, controversial The Wind Rises, but his Studio Ghibli still has talent to spare. Hiromasa Yonebayashi is one such example; his directorial debut The Secret World of Arrietty was a critical and commercial success, and his latest film When Marnie Was There has just been released in Japan.

Like Arrietty, When Marnie Was There is an adaptation of a British children's novel, this time by Joan G. Robinson; the plot...


Apple posts $7.7 billion in profit, but all eyes look to new products in the fall

In what can only be described as the typical lull for Apple ahead of new fall product launches, the company's reported earnings that beat its own expectations, but fell just shy of Wall Street's. Helping once again though was the 10-month-old iPhone, which accounted for more than half of Apple's sales.

Apple just reported earnings of $1.28 per share, on revenue of $37.4 billion. Wall Street was expecting the company to announce earnings of $1.23 a share, on $37.99 billion in revenue,...


Microsoft's Q4 2014 earnings show improved revenue, decreasing profits

Microsoft has published its Q4 2014 earnings report, and the company has made $4.6 billion in net income on $23.38 billion in revenue. Revenue has increased compared to $19.9 billion from the same period last year, and net income decreased only slightly compared to last year's $4.97 billion. In all, the earnings don't seem to hold many big surprises — at least not compared to the massive layoffs it recently announced.

Stronger-than-expected PC demand helped Intel’s latest quarterly earnings,...

FAA temporarily halts all US flights to Israel

The US Federal Aviation Administration issued a rare 24-hour ban on all flights from America to Israel's only public international airport on Tuesday afternoon, following reports that a rocket fired by Palestinian militants landed near the...

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