The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science

Wu-Tang Clan fans pooling $5 million to buy sole copy of the group's next album

There's truly a Kickstarter project for just about everything. Case in point: a new fundraising effort to pool together $5 million to buy the upcoming Wu-Tang Clan album, which the group is planning make available to only one lucky person. Last month, Wu-Tang Clan member Robert "RZA" Digg described the album, called The Wu — Once Upon a Time In Shaolin, as a true collectors item, something...

Sony extends PS4's lead over Xbox One despite 'Titanfall' launch

Titanfall was the best-selling game for the month of March, according to NPD, but it didn't help Microsoft take the lead in the latest console war. Today, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has shipped over five million units, but yesterday Sony reported selling seven million units of the PlayStation 4. That's a sizable lead for Sony, especially considering that Sony says those consoles were actually sold to consumers, not just those sitting on retail shelves. (The PlayStation 4 is frequently sold out.)

Still, it's important to note that neither company is losing this battle: both Sony and Microsoft's gaming machines are doing fantastically well. The Xbox One may not be the top seller, but Microsoft says it sold 311,000 consoles last month, 60 percent more than the Xbox 360 managed at the same point in time. The company also says that Xbox One users spend an average of five hours a day using the device.

Sony continues to lead


Parents are going to prison for a medical diagnosis that may not exist

On a cold Wednesday evening in January 2009, Josh Miller was finishing his 8:00-to-5:00 shift as an automotive detailer at a garage in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It was just like any other day; he was tired and ready to go home. But that evening, his life would change forever. In just a few hours, Miller would find himself to be one of thousands of people embroiled in an ongoing national medical...

“We now know, however, that its premises were wrong." Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy

Norway's latest reality show is about birds in a coffee shop

What do you get when you build a bird house modeled after a coffee shop and stick a camera in front of it? The answer is NRK's Piip Show, a "reality show" that's unlike anything you've ever seen. The 24/7 online broadcast captures every moment as a variety of birds (and sometimes squirrels) stop for a breather and tussle over food that's regularly dropped into the feeder. The show's concept was...

Crafts store Michaels confirms 3 million credit card numbers stolen in hack

Back in January, arts and crafts retail giant Michaels announced that it was investigating a potential security breach, and now the company has confirmed that millions of credit cards may have been compromised by a cyberattack. The company says that the attack targeted its point-of-sale systems at a "varying number" of stores from May 8th, 2013 through January 27, 2014. Overall, some 2.6 million credit and debit cards may have been affected, which is about seven percent of cards used in its stores over that timeframe.

The Michaels website has details on what specific stores were targeted...

Cyborg video glasses show emotion so you don't have to

Emotional labor is a kind of work we often don't recognize as work: the need to appear friendly, deferential, or attentive at a job. Fast food restaurant Pret a Manger is famous (or infamous) for holding its employees to exacting friendliness standards, and emotional labor's overall importance is becoming a more and more pressing question. It's frequently, for example, implicated when talking about the supposed American "crisis of masculinity" and the growth of the service sector: are some men, rarely asked to perform as much emotional labor as women, having difficulty adjusting to the new economy? And how much should companies be able to...

Amazon to expand Fire TV's voice search with support for Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime

Amazon announced today that the voice search functionality in its Fire TV media streaming box would soon be expanded to include information from Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime. Currently, Fire TV's voice search only supports Amazon's own content and music videos from Vevo. The company did not say exactly when the new sources would be added to the service, aside from indicating that it would arrive this summer.

The Fire TV's voice...

More sources for your voice
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Americans love time travel and fear designer babies

American faith in technology is high, but our faith in weather control is low — and we're very worried about designer babies and Google Glass. The Pew Research Center, whose surveys we've frequently cited when talking about present-day cellphone...

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Pamela Chen: seeing the world through photographs at National Geographic

The daughter of a college mathematics professor, Pamela Chen was a math major until a single photograph changed her life forever. That simple image, of two college classmates skateboarding on the...

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Putin tells Edward Snowden he doesn't spy on Russians like the NSA

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is currently living under asylum in Russia, so it makes sense that he would want to know about the country's own surveillance practices. He managed to take his inquiry straight to the top and pose the question to none other than President Vladimir Putin during a live, state-run television broadcast. "I've seen little...

Football players don't have enough time between seasons to recover from head impacts

Even football players who haven't experienced a concussion need time to recover from the head impacts they receive during the football season. A study published today in PLOS ONE reveals that the six month-long no-contact period that players are given between seasons isn't giving their brains enough time to recover. Researchers say this failure to recuperate could contribute to the kind of long-term cognitive disorders that some former-NFL players have sued the league over.


Google Q1 2014 earnings deliver $15.4 billion in revenue

Google reported its results for the first quarter of the year today, posting revenue of $15.42 billion and earnings per share of $6.27. That missed analysts' estimates of $15.52 billion in revenue and earnings of $6.42 a share. That's a miss on...

Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs

Google has cracked the CAPTCHA. In a paper published this week, Google researchers say that they've developed an algorithm that can accurately solve Google's own CAPTCHA puzzles — those obfuscated jumbles of letters and numbers you type in on websites to prove that you're human — with 99.8 percent accuracy, obviously posing something of a problem to the puzzle's intended purpose of weeding out robots. The new system was developed to help Google automatically analyze hard-to-read signs...

The first Heartbleed hacker has been arrested

Canadian officials say they've tracked down the man responsible for the last week's Heartbleed-assisted breach at the Canadian Revenue Agency, which compromised the personal data of more than 900 citizens. According to The Calgary Herald, 19-year-old Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes from London, Ontario has been officially charged with the attack after five days of investigation. The official charges are "unauthorized use of a computer" and "mischief in relation to data."

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