The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science

Pamela Chen: seeing the world through photographs at National Geographic

The daughter of a college mathematics professor, Pamela Chen was a math major until a single photograph changed her life forever. That simple image, of two college classmates skateboarding on the quad, made Pamela realize that “photography was a way that you could see the world differently than...

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The beautiful electric carriage tearing New York City apart

Here in New York City, politicians, activists, and celebrities are renewing a hundred-year-old battle between automobiles and horse-drawn carriages. This time, however, the war isn’t over the future of personal transportation: it’s about the 68 horse-drawn carriages that offer tourists meandering rides around Central Park.

The rides are a New York mainstay, but opponents argue that the...

Public urination fiasco is forcing Portland to drain 38 million gallons of treated water

For the second time in three years, one man's urine is forcing the city of Portland, Ore., to drain millions of gallons of treated water currently stored in an open reservoir. The first time someone was caught pissing in one of these open storage facilities back in 2011 the city ended up draining 7.5 million gallons of water, Fox News reports. But this time around, the urine made its way into an even larger reservoir, so the city is now planning to dump the entirety of the its contents — contents that amount to 38 million gallons of treated water — directly into the city's sewage system.

This has actually happened before

The app men of Odessa

Facebook's friend problem


Parents are going to prison for a medical diagnosis that may not exist

On a cold Wednesday evening in January 2009, Josh Miller was finishing his 8:00-to-5:00 shift as an automotive detailer at a garage in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It was just like any other day; he was tired and ready to go home. But that evening, his life would change forever. In just a few hours, Miller would find himself to be one of thousands of people embroiled in an ongoing national medical...

“We now know, however, that its premises were wrong." Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy

MLB.TV is now streaming on Google's Chromecast

Starting today, you'll be able to watch America's pastime on Chromecast. MLB.TV now supports Google's $35 streaming stick, and fans can start casting games to the TV once the required updates for At Bat 2014 arrive on Android and iOS this afternoon. A premium subscription to MLB.TV is required if you want to stream with Chromecast. The cost of entry isn't cheap at $24.99 monthly or $129.99 for...


Facebook wants to find your nearby friends

Two years ago, a battle was raging over "people discovery" apps. Highlight wanted to introduce you to strangers on the street, Sonar hoped to connect you with friends of friends at a bar, and Glancee wanted to hook you up with nearby Tolkien fans. The ambient awareness technology behind all these apps was amazing, but people weren’t comfortable using them. Facebook acquired Glancee, and not a moment too soon. The people-discovery bubble was about to burst.

"We saw in the data that even though everybody was talking about social discovery, the data wasn’t corroborating that. It was the...


Building blocks: how Project Ara is reinventing the smartphone

In a spare, drab office park in Sunnyvale, California, a bunch of two-by-fours and foamboard have been nailed together into a makeshift model of a shipping container. Inside, a bare, unlit Edison bulb hangs from a wire, over some simple IKEA furniture and a table with Lego blocks on it. The blocks are stand-ins for modules that might someday go into the Project Ara phone, which in theory will let users swap in different components on the fly instead of replacing the whole phone when it's time to upgrade.

The model is there because the people behind Project Ara are currently trying to think through potential retail experiences that would...

Watch this: 'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 trailer

House of Cards may be the hottest Netflix exclusive, but at least during one point last summer, All Things D reported that Orange is the New Black was actually the most popular. Whether that's still the case or not, that means there's plenty of viewers out there eager for more, and Netflix has just debuted the trailer for the series' second season to start raising their excitement. The trailer suggests that the show will continue the same type...

The new season debuts June 6th
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The darknet just got its first black market search engine

The network of sites known as the darknet, only accessible through the anonymizing Tor browser, resembles the early internet in many ways — including being difficult to navigate. Most users get around by clicking from link to link, accessing pages like "The Hidden Wiki" that list popular site...

Sonos is fixing its most frustrating issue

Sonos is planning to eliminate the most annoying part of its popular "wireless" music setup. Currently, if you've got Sonos speakers throughout the house, at least one of them needs to be plugged...

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Putin tells Edward Snowden he doesn't spy on Russians like the NSA

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is currently living under asylum in Russia, so it makes sense that he would want to know about the country's own surveillance practices. He managed to take his inquiry straight to the top and pose the question to none other than President Vladimir Putin during a live, state-run television broadcast. "I've seen little...

"We do not have mass-scale, uncontrollable efforts like that." President Vladimir Putin
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Google Q1 2014 earnings deliver $15.4 billion in revenue

Google reported its results for the first quarter of the year today, posting revenue of $15.42 billion and earnings per share of $6.27. That missed analysts' estimates of $15.52 billion in revenue and earnings of $6.42 a share. That's a miss on the top and bottom line, and the stock is trending...

Google launches standalone Camera app in Play Store

Google has just launched its own Camera app in the Play Store. Simply called Google Camera, the app looks a bit different from the camera software currently shipping in Android 4.4 KitKat. Google has made a number of improvements and refinements...


LG will launch golden G3 smartphone with crazy resolution this summer

A third of the way into 2014, we already have new flagship phones from almost all the big Android handset makers: the Galaxy S5, the Xperia Z2, and the new One are all now on sale. The one company that's kept relatively quiet throughout the period has been LG, manufacturer of the much-loved G2 and Google's Nexus 5. Today some of the mystery about its future plans has been dispelled as The Verge has received the first image of the retail box for LG's next big Android phone. Originally...


After success of mob-run 'Pokemon', Twitch bets on turning viewers into 'torture artists'

In January 2014, longtime game designer Michael Molinari was testing a prototype of his studio's new multiplayer project. Choice Chamber, built for the massively popular streaming platform Twitch, promised a new kind of audience participation. Tens of thousands of people can watch a game on Twitch, but in an ordinary game, that's all they can do. In Choice Chamber, though, viewers could control the game's power-ups, weapons, and terrain, either helping or challenging the player as they jumped...

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