Samsung's Back to School Essentials

Going back to school can be a struggle. No more lazy days at the beach. No more sleeping in until noon. Your days are full classes rather than fun in the sun. But with a few Samsung gadgets — like the Samsung Galaxy S ®5, Samsung Tab® S, and the Samsung Level ™ family of products — and some new...

Cable companies want to stop the best internet in America from growing

A group representing giants in the cable industry is trying to shut down two municipalities' proposals to expand their public broadband networks, arguing that public broadband has a "mixed record" and can be harmful to taxpayers, despite these two networks already being successful where they're already operational. Laws in 20 states prevent municipalities from from creating their own broadband...

Lyft says Uber's recruiting tactics caused drivers to lose money

Earlier this week, The Verge's Casey Newton published exclusive details of Uber's "Operation SLOG," an aggressive campaign aimed at recruiting drivers away from its competitor Lyft. Now the company claims that Lyft drivers taking calls from SLOG recruiters saw their hourly earnings drop by as much as 48 percent, as a result of unusually short rides and a huge surge in cancelled pickups.

Drivers in Orange County saw a 48 percent decline in wages

Photo Essay

Check out these insane new bikes from designer Philippe Starck

Industrial designers love to be provocative almost as much as they enjoy being original. Fulfilling both briefs with a furious disregard for common sense, leading French designer Philippe Starck has this week unveiled a new range of electric bikes. Dubbed Starckbike and built by e-bike specialists Moustache, the new collection features four distinct styles, each with "specific ergonomics...

"This is more than a bike, it's a machine to generate pleasure through hybrid technology." Emmanuel Antonot, Moustache Bikes

The voice of Mario and Luigi has brought Nintendo's plumbers to Instagram

There's no telling how Nintendo feels about the whole thing, but voice actor Charles Martinet has brought the iconic characters of Mario and Luigi to life on Instagram. And he's doing it with action figures. Martinet has taken a liking to carrying Mario and Luigi toys around and voicing conversations between them based on what's going on in the real world. He's been at it for nearly a month...

Verge Detours

How to feed the cities of the future

Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways.

At MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Caleb Harper’s CityFARM demonstrates the future of food production. He grows plants through aeroponics, a system that produces plants without soil. Plants are hooked up to servers and misting mechanisms. LEDs fill in for the sun and ladybugs (purchased on Amazon) occasionally make an appearance. Plants are periodically sprayed with a...

Quick read

Ikea's catalog now uses 75 percent computer generated imagery

Browsing through an Ikea catalog is basically a modern adult's version of playing make-believe, letting you imagine just how gorgeous your apartment will never be. And it turns out, an Ikea catalog is even further from reality than you may have already thought: 75 percent of its product images are now CG. The surprising fact was noted by the The Computer Graphics Society, which spoke at length with Ikea about why it's eschewing photography for digital renders. Basically, it gives Ikea's designers a lot more flexibility, and it removes hurdles associated with getting products shipped around the globe in time to photograph them when on a...

Watch This

Watch NASA's 3D-printed rocket part survive a 6,000 degree test-firing

From pizza to rocket engines, its safe to say that NASA is really interested in 3D printing these days. But the agency's latest experiment in that realm may be its most spectacular yet. Using a technology known as "selective laser melting," NASA was able to create a rocket injector — the part that shoots fuel into a rocket engine — out of just two separate components, instead of the 163 that were required using traditional manufacturing...

It is rocket science
  • Even More News

T-Mobile's next 'Uncarrier' announcement coming September 10th

T-Mobile is going to try shaking up the wireless industry again on September 10th. The carrier has just sent out invitations for an "Uncarrier 7.0" event taking place at one of its own stores in San Francisco early next month. There's no big stage show this time, and T-Mobile's tagline for the...

  • Features

Keurig's coffee brewer 'DRM' has already been defeated

Maybe getting past Keurig's DRM-protected brewing system won't be so challenging after all. Keurig Green Mountain incensed many third-party coffee pod makers with its decision to lock down the Keurig 2.0 system with the coffee equivalent of DRM earlier this year. The move was widely viewed as a...

The US government might finally let someone else supply scientists with pot

Since 1968, the University of Mississippi has been the only source of marijuana that scientists in the US can use for federally-approved medical research. With its contract set to expire next year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is now accepting bids from anyone with a 12-acre pot farm who meets the very specific requirements. Don't get your hopes up, though — chances are very high that Mississippi will win the contract again.


The littlest Rapture: we played 'BioShock' on an iPhone

BioShock is an absolutely classic video game, and anyone who likes action games should play it at some point in their life. Its "underwater Ayn Rand" premise is great, it contains one of the most memorable video game speeches of all time, and the...

Leftover Boeing 787 parts are becoming football shoulder pads

Instead of throwing out the trimmings from the giant sheets of composite material used to make the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing is giving them a decidedly more terrestrial second life. Russell Athletic announced the expansion of a partnership with Boeing this week, in which Russell gets Boeing's carbon fiber seconds to make its CarbonTek football shoulder pads. The company notes that "aerospace-grade" carbon fiber is more durable and has a superior strength-to-weight ratio than the stuff you can...

Quick read

David Lynch says he let Kanye West down because he couldn't come up with a good music video idea

David Lynch was going to direct a Kanye West music video, but the project ultimately fell through after Lynch couldn't figure out any good ideas for it. "I feel I let him down a little bit," Lynch tells The Daily Beast. Lynch said in an interview last year that the Yeezus track "Blood on the Leaves" was a favorite of his, and that apparently led to him and West meeting up. Certainly, it's easy to see how Lynch's grotesque style might be a perfect match for West's dark song. "Kanye came up to...

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