Meet the World's Fastest Bike

Take a look at the Arion I. This bicycle, housed in an aerodynamic shell, promises to go 90 MPH—seven miles per hour faster than the current record holder.

Attempts to stop catastrophic climate change are proving futile, says UN report

A draft of a new UN report seen by The New York Times warns that our planet is at risk of "severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts" if the world's governments don't quickly alter their course and do more to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases. The report, drafted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says that we are already nearing a temperature at which the ice sheet...

Apple's iWatch is almost definitely coming on September 9th

Apple's long-awaited wearable device, often referred to as the iWatch, will debut alongside two new iPhones set to be unveiled on September 9th. That's according to a new report from Recode, which also claims that the product will be deeply integrated with Apple's health tracking tools — coming as part of iOS 8 — and even tap into home automation through HomeKit, another new feature of the upcoming software. Rumors have long pointed to Apple's wearable putting a big focus on health, so that tidbit isn't exactly a revelation.

But we've yet to truly see Apple's grand vision for controlling electronics throughout the home with HomeKit. At WWDC, the company revealed that iPhones will be able to control garage door openers, lights, security cameras, and other networked devices — all through iOS without any need for extra apps or other tacked on software. Presumably the wearable will share many of these capabilities. Daring Fireball's John Gruber first floated the September 9th unveiling...

The grand reveal is almost here


The Wii U is actually worth buying now

My colleague Dieter Bohn is wondering whether to buy a Wii U. I'm here to convince him that he should.

Nintendo's Wii U launch was the company's biggest disaster since the Virtual Boy. The console was slow and clunky, with very little to play upon release and a barren line-up of games for the next several months. It's a cliché, but after I bought mine upon its Japanese launch, it quite...

Why Nintendo's spectacular failure should be your next console

The Olympus PEN E-PL7 is a Micro Four Thirds camera for selfie addicts

Olympus has just announced the PEN E-PL7, the latest of its Micro Four Thirds cameras to pair vintage style with modern specs. Priced at $699 with a 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens, Olympus says this camera has been tailored for selfie shooters who also take their regular photography seriously. It features a 3-inch, 1.04 million-dot touchscreen that flips downward 180 degrees; when used in this position, the PEN E-PL7 automatically enters a dedicated selfie mode that puts a shutter button right on the touchscreen. Tap it, and the camera will snap a picture just one second later. You can also get...

Lockheed Martin is building a facility in Australia for tracking space debris

Space debris is a serious threat to satellites, and Lockheed Martin is now teaming up to further help keep satellites safe as they orbit around the planet. The firm is partnering with Electro Optic Systems (EOS) to build a facility in Australia that they say will increase the world's ability to track space debris by 25 percent — if not more. EOS says that, so long as the debris is tracked, satellites will be able to avoid it, which will be increasingly important as the value of tech up in space continues to grow. Through the 2000s, EOS says that more than $400 billion  worth of equipment was sent up.

Summer review: the 9 movies and TV shows you need to watch

We know how it is. It's summer, the beach is calling, and you're spending as much time as possible hanging out in front of the grill. There just isn't that much room in your life for, say, binge-watching the most depressing show of the year or keeping up with the latest Tom Cruise vehicle. But if you're afraid of missing out, don’t fret: even if the movie industry is done for the season, you aren't quite.

Summer is the season when all of the...

Lay off the grill and turn on the TV
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Best New Apps

Best New Apps: Hyperlapse

Instagram might be best known as an endless stream of pictures of your friends' meals, but its new standalone video app Hyplerlapse aims to change that. It's a dead simple way to create time-lapse videos accompanied by an outstanding built-in image stabilization algorithm that can make shaky videos look steady enough you might think they were...

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David Lynch's Ice Bucket Challenge video is very Lynchian

The camera opens on a man in a fully buttoned black shirt standing in front of a red wall, squinting into the sun. He pours a shot of espresso into a metal bucket, raises a trumpet, and begins to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow, badly. Someone off stage pours the bucket of espresso over the man’s...

Watch 13 of the internet's best 'Simpsons' videos

Love 'The Simpsons,' but tired of just watching episodes? Here are some of internet's best 'Simpsons' videos. From fan-made compilations to cast interviews, these videos are essential for any fan of the show.

The biggest Kickstarter ever failed the first time around

The Coolest, a tricked-out cooler with a built-in blender, speakers, and USB charger, just set the record for the most-funded Kickstarter campaign ever. At the time of this writing, the project had raised $10,388,188, or 20,805 percent of its goal.

Ten million dollars for a beverage container is an amazing feat. But it's even more astounding considering creator Ryan Grepper launched almost exactly the same campaign ten months ago and failed. He only raised $102,188 on a $125,000 goal.

A cooler just beat Pebble's record for highest-funded Kickstarter project

The Pebble smartwatch, a shining example of ingenuity being supported by crowdfunding, has held the record for highest-funded Kickstarter campaign for over two years now, not even being surpassed by cult hits like Veronica Mars. But finally, on Tuesday, the title was taken by another project: a cooler — like, the thing you bring your drinks to the beach in. Called the Coolest (okay, it's a pretty good name), it's now raised over $10.3 million with a few days to go, bringing it just above...

Chrome for Windows finally optimized for high-res displays two years after Mac version

While Windows 8-powered laptops have been pushing display resolutions higher and higher, there’s been one piece of desktop software that has lagged behind: Google Chrome. Despite updating Chrome for Mac to support the first Retina MacBook Pro after just a month, Google has taken around two years to bring full support to Windows. Chrome for Windows users have had to settle for registry hacks, or optional flags to get various forms of high-DPI support, but the latest Chrome 37 release enables...

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