The founder who swayed Silicon Valley with shoddy science users asked to reset passwords following Heartbleed bug

The officials are requesting that users reset their passwords after a continuing internal review by the Department of Homeland security flagged the site as possibly being vulnerable to a Heartbleed exploit. The move to reset passwords is being taken "out of an abundance of caution," according to a a notice published on the site, which serves as a portal for the health insurance...

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Dying grandmother uses Oculus Rift to walk outside again

Roberta Firstenberg had long loved walking outside and caring for her garden. However, a hard battle with cancer had weakened her so that going outside was no longer possible. In a bid to give her one more view of the outside world, Roberta's granddaughter Priscilla, a game artist and developer, programmed an Oculus rift to give her grandmother the chance to walk again.

As The Rift Arcade reports, Priscilla reached out to Oculus last fall in the hopes of getting a dev kit Roberta could use. With the help of the Oculus Tuscany demo, Roberta can be seen "gliding" around a Tuscan villa and talking excitedly about being able to climb stairs. "You can be in pain," she says, "but, somehow, when you see a blue butterfly reach out to kiss you... it makes you realize we are all a part of this world..."

Priscilla continued to experiment with the Rift in the subsequent weeks, letting Roberta explore using Google Street View. She even worked on an experimental build filled with waterfalls...

"It makes you realize we are all part of this world..." Roberta Firstenberg

Nearly one-third of morning-after pills in Peru are fake

A whopping 28 percent of morning-after pills in Peru are fake. A study published today in PLOS ONE relates how some emergency contraceptives contain inadequate amounts of active ingredients that, in many cases, aren't being released quickly enough into the body to be considered effective. This, the researchers say, means that nearly one third of the pills — pills that are sold by licensed...

They're essentially useless

Samsung running out of time against Apple in court

With a little more than a week to go in the month-long patent trial between Apple and Samsung, time is running out quickly. Both sides get 25 hours each to call up, and cross-examine one another's witnesses — and Samsung's running low. By the end of the day the company had a little under four hours left, time it needs to convince a jury that Apple's infringing on two of its patents.

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SpaceX continues its mission toward reusable rockets

Metamucil One, you’re go for take off. Remember, you will be carrying 40 tons of Metamucil, America’s number one fiber supplement. Since the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, astronauts have been forced to deal with eating food that does a real number on their digestive systems. The launch of Metamucil One marks a major step forward in the NASA astronaut diet. Thank you for your patriotism.

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Montana politician shoots at the sky in the first drone attack ad

The place of commercial, humanitarian, and law enforcement drones is a contentious issue in the United States. The public is suspicious of them, and the FAA isn't yet sure how to integrate them with crewed planes; it recently grounded a search and rescue operation in Texas. Lawmakers in 43 states have proposed regulations on how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can operate, and nine states have passed bills. While there's bipartisan support...

Rhetoric of the unmanned plane
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Stem cells cloned from human adults may lead to patient-specific medical treatment

A team of scientists have used cloning methods to produce stem cells from the skin cells of adult patients. To do this, researchers extracted DNA from the cells of two adult males, aged 35 and 75. The DNA was then fused with human eggs donated by four adult women. The study, published in the scientific journal Cell, shows that it might be...

The second time human stem cells have been cloned
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Norway's latest reality show is about birds in a coffee shop

What do you get when you build a bird house modeled after a coffee shop and stick a camera in front of it? The answer is NRK's Piip Show, a "reality show" that's unlike anything you've ever seen. The 24/7 online broadcast captures every moment as...

National Security

'Frontline: United States of Secrets' promises 'definitive history' of domestic surveillance

Over the past two weeks, the Pulitzer and Polk awards have recognized the work of Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and other journalists responsible for bringing Edward Snowden's leaked documents to print. But one of the most high-profile TV reports on US surveillance was an uncritically supportive look from CBS and 60 Minutes. Today, PBS announced plans for a two-part Frontline special called United States of Secrets, which promises the "definitive history" of domestic surveillance since the...


Facebook wants to find your nearby friends

Two years ago, a battle was raging over "people discovery" apps. Highlight wanted to introduce you to strangers on the street, Sonar hoped to connect you with friends of friends at a bar, and Glancee wanted to hook you up with nearby Tolkien fans. The ambient awareness technology behind all these apps was amazing, but people weren’t comfortable using them. Facebook acquired Glancee, and not a moment too soon. The people-discovery bubble was about to burst.

"We saw in the data that even...

MLB.TV is now streaming on Google's Chromecast

Starting today, you'll be able to watch America's pastime on Chromecast. MLB.TV now supports Google's $35 streaming stick, and fans can start casting games to the TV once the required updates for At Bat 2014 arrive on Android and iOS this afternoon. A premium subscription to MLB.TV is required if you want to stream with Chromecast. The cost of entry isn't cheap at $24.99 monthly or $129.99 for the entire season, but at least that includes your At Bat subscription for watching games (or...


'Dream Sushi' and the art of the ringtone

It’s been years since ringtones were a multimillion-dollar industry, but the medium still has value for James Ferraro. As part of his exhibit for New York’s MoMA PS1 in Queens, 100%, the 25-year-old Los Angeles-based experimental musician...

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