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The first trailer for Kevin Smith's horror film 'Tusk' is here and it's bizarre

Kevin Smith promised to unveil the first trailer for his latest horror film Tusk at San Diego Comic-Con, and he delivered this evening. And it's much weirder than even we expected. Starring Justin Long as a podcaster visiting Canada for a new story, Long's journey takes a turn when he meets an old man who... winds up surgically turning him into a walrus. It's as bizarre as all that sounds, and...

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Comic-Con 2014: all the news from geek culture's biggest event

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con should be bigger than ever. The next two years in movies and TV are going to be huge ones, and this year's Comic-Con is where a good many of them will introduce themselves and start getting fans excited. Follow along here for all of top news from the event, from panels to trailers to surprise announcements. Comic-Con will be going on from July 24th through the 27th, and we'll be there live each and every day.

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Edgar Wright's next two films are reportedly a comedy and a sci-fi about sex-crazed bugs

Edgar Wright just left Marvel's Ant-Man movie a couple months ago, but he appears to already have two new films locked up. Deadline reports that Wright's next two movies will be Baby Driver — a long-gestating comedy written by Wright himself — and a young-adult novel adaptation called Grasshopper Jungle. Wright's plans to direct Baby Driver appear to be all but a done deal, and he's said to be...

There will be gigantic, horny mantises

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Watch the first trailer for the next season of 'The Walking Dead'

Things have never really been going well on The Walking Dead, but the core crew only appears more broken and battered than ever in the first trailer for Season 5. The trailer teases the group's attempts to get to DC and — hopefully — deliver a cure for the zombifying infection. There's always been a lot standing in their way, and it all looks even more gruesome and horrifying in this coming...

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The first 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' trailer heads into its own weird future

Did the world need another Hot Tub Time Machine? Either way, it's getting one, and with dramatically more time-twisting action than before. The first raunchy (and NSFW) trailer for the comedy's sequel finds the gang having taken advantage of their knowledge of the future to get rich Back to the Future Part II-style, except things go wrong when another night in the hot tub sends them to the predictably wild future of 2024. As one character puts it, "Don’t mess with a winning formula, huh?" The laughs aren't the smartest, but you can take a peek at what hallucinogenic drugs might look like a...

Sierra Leone is on the lookout for an Ebola-positive patient on the run

Officials in Sierra Leone's capital are trying to find a woman who left a hospital with the help of her family after testing positive for the deadly Ebola virus. The 32-year-old woman, whom radio stations in Freetown named as Saudatu Koroma, was being tested for the virus in an isolation ward, then was "forcefully removed" by her family, Reuters reports. That's led to a hunt for Koroma to keep her from spreading the virus to others.

Stephen King, John Grisham, and nearly 900 other authors oppose Amazon's Hachette tactics

Nearly 900 writers, including Stephen King, John Grisham, Jennifer Egan, and Donna Tartt, have signed a letter objecting to the aggressive tactics that Amazon has been using to gain leverage over the book publisher Hachette, according to the Guardian. As part of what appears to be an attempt to renegotiate the split of revenue on ebook sales in its favor, Amazon has effectively begun discouraging its shoppers from buying Hachette books by not...

"What we object to is harming authors who have nothing to do with this dispute." Douglas Preston, author
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New trailers: 'Predestination,' 'Dear White People,' 'Honeymoon,' 'Nightcrawler,' and 'Out of Print'

Hope you aren’t already overwhelmed from Comic-Con. The huge convention isn’t even halfway through, and we’ve already gotten looks at some of the most exciting movies and TV shows coming up over the next year. And while Comic-Con may be the epicenter of entertainment this week, there have been a good number of movie trailers coming out around it...

All the movies you should be looking out for
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Philips' light bulbs will bring 'Sharknado' into your living room

Finally there's a reason to invest in smart light bulbs. Syfy and Philips have announced that Sharknado 2: The Second One viewers will be treated to a custom light show designed to sync up with the film when it premieres on July 30th. It's all...

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Watch the first trailer for Ridley Scott's live-action 'Halo: Nightfall'

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Microsoft has finally provided the very first look at Halo: Nightfall, the original new live-action show based on the sci-fi video game series. The show stars Mike Colter with Ridley Scott serving as executive producer, and based on this first glimpse it looks quite a bit like some of Scott's earlier work, most notably Prometheus. "With Halo: Nightfall, we're pioneering a new medium in terms of interactive storytelling on Xbox," says Scott. Colter plays agent...

Best New Apps

Best New Apps: Ultratext

Ultratext is a dead-simple iOS app for creating GIFs and sending them via MMS and iMessage. It creates flashing neon messages, with the words you type blown up in all caps, accessorized with emoji and selfies and other photos from your camera...


A new fossil suggests 'all dinosaurs' may have had feathers

You've never seen a dinosaur, naturally, but you probably have a pretty good idea of what they look like. We've seen the same look over and over, across dozens of movies, books and museums: there's the balanced tail, the lizard-shaped head and, most of all, dark and tough scales.

Pesticide linked to three generations of genetic damage

No one's used the pesticide Methoxychlor for more than a decade — but according to a new study, it may be harming people for generations to come. A group of researchers at Washington State University have discovered new effects from the pesticide that reach into a subject's epigenome, affecting children and even grandchildren of the initial subject. That ancestral exposure can contribute to adult onset kidney disease, ovarian disease, and obesity in later generations.

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