We've just been invited to an event in New York City on June 9th starring none other than Sprint's Dan Hesse and Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha, promising "hands-on demonstrations of Sprint and Motorola's latest collaborations." These types of gatherings are par for the course -- we attend dozens of them a year -- but what makes this a little unusual is that Sprint and Motorola haven't partnered much outside of iDEN recently. In fact, there's only one non-Nextel Direct Connect Motorola in Sprint's current lineup -- and it's the business-focused ES400S running Windows Mobile, of all things.

By all appearances, this means these two underdogs are turning a new leaf in their partnership -- and since there's an event being held, it's likely going to be some notable high-end gear. A Tegra 2-powered Android smartphone to do battle with the Atrix and Droid Bionic? Possibly. Technically, a Xoom with WiMAX could be on tap, too, though we can't imagine that Jha and Hesse would be called out for an event to introduce a device that's been on another carrier for months.

At any rate, we'll be on hand for all the fun... so stay tuned.