The TiVo of your home theater perfection dreams is here: the TiVo Premiere Elite. Running mostly unchanged Series4 software, the new TiVo supports up to four simultaneously recorded TV shows from digital cable, HD cable, and FiOS, with CableCARD and coax connections around back. Inside there's a 2TB hard drive, and apparently some extra RAM (a full 1GB) as well. It was announced last month, but the $499.99 box just started rolling out to Best Buy Magnolia stores. It will also be available through home theater installers and at TiVo's website, though we didn't find it lurking around the latter just yet. Unfortunately, based on reports of early adopters, Series4 and CableCARD are just as difficult to set up as ever, so you might wait for TiVo to sort some of the bugs out before you pull the trigger — or for the cable industry to fully embrace CableCARD in a few decade's time.