LG is currently the proud recipient of the 2011 Energy Star Most Efficient award for its 144-watt 47LW5700 LED TV, and it appears the company is loath to lose that distinction in 2012 — it claims to have made a 47-inch LCD TV panel that draws just 28 watts of power, making it the world's most efficient. The reduction in energy usage comes from placing an LED backlight along just a single edge of the panel rather than all four; a special three-layer film is used to diffuse and focus that light across the entire display. LG claims 400 nits of brightness while the panel itself draws less power than a 40-inch LCD panel or 20-inch PC monitor; according to data gathered by CNET, it's not unusual for a 40 to 50-inch LCD TV with all its other electronics to pull nearly 200 watts. With the revised Energy Star 5.3 going into effect just 10 days ago setting a hard limit at 108 watts of total power draw and 6.0 set to lower the limit to 85 watts next fall, this new panel might be just in time.