After the March nuclear disaster, radiation detectors became so popular in Japan that Scosche actually put out an iPhone accessory called the RDTX-Pro — and it sold out so quickly that the company is issuing the RDTX followup just a month later. The new RDTX has the same features as the current model, but can't be used independently as a radiation alarm and is slightly less accurate, detecting gamme radiation above 120 keV with a 10 percent margin of error, while the Pro has +/- 5 percent accuracy. It's attached to an iPhone using the dock connector, and the free radTEST app displays radiation information with an analog meter that indicates safety with green, yellow, and red. There's also a more detailed view for advanced users, while location sharing can be used for placing map markers to report radiation and to share levels via Twitter and Facebook. The RDTX will be available next month, and while we don't have a price, the Pro is $329.99.