Apple's products are getting updated left and right today alongside the launch of iOS 5 and iCloud, and few products have been left out. Apple TV's upgrade is to version 4.4 of its software, which brings AirPlay mirroring of your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 -- the new feature has some seriously cool gaming implications in particular, like the ability to use your device as a gaming controller and play on the TV over AirPlay. Also new are Photo Stream, which lets you view photos you've taken on your iOS devices and stored in iCloud, on your TV; an NHL app, with live-streaming hockey games and scores, and the Wall Street Journal Live, with news and lots of live video. On the more minor side, there's a new app called Trailers that plays, you guessed it, movie trailers; Netflix got a subtitle-supporting update; and there are three new slideshow themes. It's not the biggest update we've seen today, but it's good to see Apple's latest and greatest incorporated into its older products. Hit the source for the full release notes.