Velocity Micro just started shipping its Cruz T408 and T410 Android tablets this week, and it's making no bones about its intent to grab the cost-conscious customer, cutting the price of the T408 down to $199.99. The Gingerbread tablets were announced earlier in September, with the 8-inch T408 and the 10-inch T410 initially priced at $239.99 and $299.99, respectively. The pair look to be intriguing budget options, each featuring identical specs (save the screen): a 1GHz Cortex processor with 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, a front-facing camera, and a capacitive touchscreen. The initial pricing may have seemed less compelling after the introduction of the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire, however — not to mention the recent tablet price reductions we've been seeing. But with access to Amazon's Appstore, a software bundle including QuickOffice, and a custom-tuned version of Flash, the T408 and its big brother offer a choice for consumers looking for options in the price range.