While some of the Verge team was a little too excited about the final release of the new iPad app for Facebook, the social networking behemoth also pushed out drastic changes to its iPhone app and mobile sites. The app, which hasn't seen a major update since version 3.0 way back in August of 2009, was built by former Facebook engineer Joe Hewitt, and proved to be a refreshing, streamlined alternative to the clutter of Facebook proper. Zuckerberg and co.'s site has continued its enormous growth in the past two years, and the app team faced the challenge of an even larger ecosystem further expanded by Open Graph. With messaging, media, notifications, events, and third-party apps, there's enough here to constitute a rudimentary OS, so how well does the new Facebook for iPhone handle this flood of data and use types? Read on.

Note: This review focuses on the updated Facebook iPhone app, but you'll find many similarities in the new mobile sites (http://m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com).