The original Motorola Droid was a trailblazing phone when it launched. In fact, it’s a historical device — one of the very first Android phones and the very first to take on Verizon’s Droid moniker. But beyond all that, it boasted features unlike any other phone at the time — yes, back in 2009, a WVGA screen and Android 2.0 (along with Google Maps’ brand new turn-by-turn directions) were thoroughly modern. Then came the sequel — the Droid 2 — and unfortunately, it was rather disappointing. As an owner of the phone, I can attest that the camera’s almost intolerable, the keyboard’s nowhere near as good as others on competing Android phones (see the G2), and the performance was considered slow even in the pre-dual-core smartphone era.

The Droid 3 is, of course, the third child with the potential to set Moto and Verizon’s original vision back on track. And with a qHD display, improved keyboard (with a number row!), 8 megapixel camera, and a dual-core processor, it seems fairly prepared for the job. So, does the 3 put Motorola’s tried-and-true back on top of Verizon’s menagerie of Android handsets? Or is it just another one in the haystack? Hit the break to find out.