We already got a peek at the electronics powering the mysterious Amazon Lockers that have been popping up at 7-Eleven locations in Seattle. It now appears the devices have gone live, and we're getting a look at them in action thanks to GeekWire's Todd Bishop. When placing a recent order on Amazon.com, Bishop noticed a "search for a locker location" option when choosing his shipping. This led him to one of the touchscreen-enabled locker banks at a 7-Eleven store on Queen Anne Hill. After entering a six digit code he'd been emailed, one of the lockers popped open, and he was able to successfully retrieve his order: a set of batteries. It's not clear how many Seattle customers have access to this feature yet, and Amazon's been keeping tight-lipped on the subject, but we assume the tests have been going well: Amazon just started rolling the program out to eight different locations in New York City. Check out the video of Bishop's trial run below.