SimLab's SQ1 quadraped robot may not be the first dog-like robot we've seen, but it may have the most life-like gait. For example, the larger BigDog and AlphaDog are designed with reverse-facing hind legs, which allows for backwards (and perhaps more steady) movement, but their powerful strides have more than a hint of awkwardness. The South Korea-based SimLab decided to keep its robot's legs facing in the proper direction, creating a more natural stride that's being refined by the company's RoboticsLab simulation software. According to IEEE Spectrum, SQ1 is being used to test movements that worked in simulation before applying them to a larger government-sponsored quadraped. However, it looks like SimLab has quite a bit of work to do: its robot doesn't appear to be nearly as stable or proportionally powerful as Boston Dynamic's projects, and we haven't seen proof that it can withstand a push. That said, check out the robot out in action below.