Two months before Steve Jobs revealed the original iPad in 2010, Lenovo arrived at CES with a product called the IdeaPad U1. The U1 was a tablet with an innovative keyboard dock — the tablet itself ran a custom Linux interface (called Skylight) and when inserted into the dock it booted Windows 7. It was one of the most captivating products revealed that year, but like many gadgets shown at the mega tradeshow, it morphed into an entirely different go-to-market device. Before the year was up, the U1 had turned into the Lenovo LePad in China; the dock was sadly scrapped and the Skylight OS replaced with Android 2.2.

The 10.1-inch IdeaPad K1 is the US version of that same tablet that started as a tablet / laptop hybrid back in 2010. However, the K1 has more than just a new name — it’s been given a makeover with Honeycomb 3.1 and a slew of unique apps, including Netflix and Lenovo’s own Launch Zone Android 3.1 skin. It’s not as fancy as that original hybrid, but for $449 (for the 16GB) it’s got some redeeming qualities to set it apart from the other Honeycomb slates swarming about. So, how does the story of the IdeaPad K1 finally end? Not too well, I’m afraid. Read on below for the full review.