The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 isn’t just any laptop — it’s one we’ve been waiting on since the fall of 2009. It was then, back in an economy where netbooks were still selling like hotcakes, that Google’s Sundar Pichai took to the stage in Mountain View to talk about a future operating system that would be completely based around the browser — Chrome OS. He promised a new type of netbook that would connect you to the internet in less than 20 seconds and would be entirely based in the cloud. No hardware was revealed that day, but Google promised Chrome OS laptops made by other manufacturers before the end of 2010 and a real change in computing.

It’s been almost two years since that event, and clearly Google Chrome OS has faced some obstacles and delays. However, after a pilot program with its own Cr-48 laptop, Google’s finally ready and has teamed up with Samsung to release the world’s first commercially available Chromebook. The 12.1-inch, dual-core Atom powered laptop hits retailers this coming week for a starting price of $430. It’s been a long time in the making, but does the Series 5 have the fit and finish you’d expect from a product that’s been in the works for so long? Does Google’s Chrome OS for netbooks still have the same appeal that it did two years ago? And is the first Chromebook worth more than the average $350 netbook? Our review answers those questions and so many more.