T-Mobile has added a few new options to its line of prepaid Monthly4G plans. As with its $70 Monthly4G plan, the new $60 option still offers unlimited text and voice, but begins throttling data speeds at 2GB instead of 5GB. Those who don't need many voice minutes may opt for the $30 plan, which offers 100 minutes of voice along with unlimited text and 5GB of un-throttled data, though this option is only available if you buy directly from the T-Mobile site or Wal-Mart. For those who think that even a month is too long of a commitment, T-Mobile has also added daily plans: $3/day gets you unlimited talk, text, and 200MB of 4G data before throttling your speeds, $2/day brings unlimited talk and text with 2G speeds all the way through, and $1/day is good for unlimited texting while charging you 10 cents a minute on calls. As more people choose to go prepaid, T-Mobile is making it easier to get service that behaves like a full-contract plan — data throttling and all.