After Nintendo launched the 3DS with one circle pad, despite having games that were complex enough to require dual analog controls, the company built a big, ugly accessory that added a second controller. The unwieldy add-on was only announced in Japan, but thanks to a Capcom rep we now know it's coming to hardcore handheld gamers stateside — it will be available alongside Resident Evil: Revelations when it's released on February 7th. Whether that means it will be bundled with the game or sold separately is unclear, and there's still no word on price, though we do know it will cost about $19.50 in Japan when it's released there in December. Of course, we've heard rumblings of an all-new 3DS coming next year, and we wouldn't be surprised to see two circle pads built in, but for now the accessory should help you navigate Revelation's creature-filled cruise ship a little more deftly.