In the past year since we last saw it, Osaka University's Actroid-F robot has upped the creepiness factor with a new male companion and "eye implants." The human-like robot, which mimics the actions of the person controlling it, is currently being tested in hospitals to gauge the reactions of patients. According to the researchers, the only differences between the two versions are different clothing, wigs, and make-up, but they're still useful for comparing the different impressions made by male and female robots — you definitely could've fooled us. Also, cameras have been placed in Actroid-F's "eyes," enabling it to move its line of sight in a subject's direction and interact more realistically with people. While an informal study says "quite a lot of people" said the robot had an "acceptable presence," we'd imagine that Actroid-F has a little ways to go before we're fully comfortable around it. Check out the video of the male and female robots below to judge for yourself.