OCZ has announced a new line of 2.5-inch Octane SSDs which includes a 1TB option. That's a larger capacity than any 2.5-inch SSD currently available to consumers and a big enticement for users who need the larger storage capacities normally found only in regular hard drives. The drives shouldn't sacrifice SSD's traditional speed because of the larger sizes — OCZ claims 560MB/s read speeds and 400MB/s write speeds on an SATA 3.0 connection. OCZ hopes that the new line of drives will also overcome some of the traditional problems that have faced SSDs by including the Ndurance technology it acquired when it purchased Indilinx. Ndurance is supposed to increase drive lifespan while decreasing performance degradation when capacity is nearly full. The company is also announcing a slower model referred to as the Octane-S2 (named for its SATA 2.0 connection), with 275MB/s read speeds and 265MB/s write speeds. Pricing hasn't been confirmed on either model yet, but OCZ is estimating $1.10-1.30 per gigabyte. Both will be available November 1st in capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB.