Kinect is still new enough that developers don't quite know how to use it, but Microsoft is exploring the possibilities by filming a season of interactive TV shows with Sesame Street and National Geographic. Kinect Sesame Street TV, and Kinect Nat Geo TV will allow children to interact with the characters by talking or making gestures, and even join them on screen. TV shows already ask children to talk, point, or jump, but they move on regardless of what you do. Even when children are responsive, it doesn't impact what is on the screen — Kinect lets the TV respond to that input. This is great for children, but it might be more difficult to get adults to jump up and down while watching TV. However, you might get them to raise their hands to vote for their favorite American Idol, or shout answers at Jeopardy. Perhaps someday screaming at the television won't be so futile.