The Photon 4G has arrived for review. The device is yet another contender for the oft-sought (though rarely nabbed) King Android crown, and the well-equipped phone is one of the first, serious Motorola entries to Sprint’s lineup. The device is no slouch, nor is its sales pitch. It’s the first WiMAX device from Motorola, and it’s a heavyweight in the specs department, boasting a dual-core Tegra 2 CPU, 16GB of storage onboard (with a total possible of 48GB), and worldphone capabilities. All that power comes housed in an unusual — though eerily Droid Charge-like — package, and seems poised to yank the rug out from under HTC’s excellently performing Evo 4G. But does the Photon have the juice to turn eyes away from the carrier’s heavily-advertised star player, and more to the point — can it bring customers back to Sprint (or at least keep them around)? All those questions and more are answered below, so read on for our full review!