In the software section of my Acer Iconia Tab A500 review I bemoaned the fact that there were no Honeycomb-optimized Twitter apps yet, but I was quickly corrected by some very wise commenters. It turns out TweetComb was released just last week by Chris Stewart, the same independent developer that created Newsr. (Maybe if it was easier to find Honeycomb apps in the Market I would have known, but that’s an editorial unto itself.) Naturally, I downloaded the $2.99 app as soon as I was informed of the news and have been using it for the last two days on both the Xoom and Iconia A500. So have all my 140-character dreams come true? Is there now an Android 3.0 Twitter app that can compete with the loads of options I have on my iPad 2? Sadly, the answer is not really — hit the break to find out what I mean.