HTC's Evo 4G legacy is something of a rarity in the smartphone industry. Sprint used it as a gateway drug for its WiMAX service — "4G" back when that nomenclature meant something (and was used to great effect in a huge marketing campaign). A behemoth with a 4.3-inch display specs that still stand up to modern releases, it's even managed to best its younger competition with up-to-date Android software (version 2.3.3 as of last of week).

So if you're HTC, how do you top yourself? The company seems to have taken a few pages from Nintendo's book when going from the DS to 3DS: keep a similar design aesthetic, boost the specs, and throw in a glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D display / 3D camera. Does the heir apparent, which launches June 24th on Sprint for $199.99, do its dynasty proud? Read on to find out!