It feels like we’ve collectively decided to write the wristwatch’s epitaph at some point in the last decade. I hear it all the time: “Who still wears a watch these days?” I admit, it’s a fair question. The watch had a good hundred-plus-year run, right? Maybe it’s time to put it out to pasture. Phones tell time, after all — in as many time zones and styles as you want, provided you’ve got the right app — and they can be found in virtually every pocket. Why carry two devices that do the same thing?

Of course, that attitude isn’t shared by everyone. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that watches are becoming fashionable again among the young and tech-savvy — the first people you’d expect to write them off. But style points aside, there’s another small, vocal contingent of folks who believe that the humble wristwatch simply needs to adapt — it has to be redefined to accommodate our changing technological needs.

It’s that school of thought that leads us to Fossil’s MetaWatch. Fossil — better known for irreverently-styled timepieces, wallets, and handbags than cutting-edge technology — has quietly operated something of a watch skunkworks for nearly a decade, producing a string of gadgety models sold under both the Fossil and Abacus names (along with the occasional Sony Ericsson). None have been wildly successful, but Fossil’s taking a different approach with the MetaWatch: it’s only being marketed to developers… for now, at least. So while I’m reviewing the watch, bear in mind that the average consumer won’t be buying this — it’s more a preview of a platform that might materialize if the stars align. That said, let’s take a look at what they’ve put together.