You thought Sidekick was dead, did you? That’d be an easy assumption to make since Danger’s servers are being turned off this month — and since it’s the one of the most deeply-integrated cloud deployment for mobile devices ever undertaken, eight years’ worth of Sidekick models will turn into pretty paperweights after that. It’s a sad end for a company that had such a significant and lasting impact on smartphone design and technology, but ultimately, staying alive through Microsoft’s purchase and the Kin debacle would’ve been a tall order for any management team.

Well, that’s not the whole story. What many folks don’t realize is that it was T-Mobile that owned the Sidekick brand all along, not Danger; outside of T-Mobile’s sphere of influence, the devices were actually known as Hiptops in other parts of the world. That means the carrier has opportunity to keep the Sidekick brand alive even as the underlying technology platform passes away — and it’s an opportunity they’re taking head-on with the introduction of the Android-powered Sidekick 4G.