AnandTech has torn apart the Asus Zenbook UX21 to gives us a glimpse of the innards of the recently released 11.6-inch ultrabook. After prying off the bottom panel, we see an ultra slim cooler covering both the Intel Core i7-2667M processor and its QS67 chipset. This is a slight departure from the MacBook Air, which only directly cools the CPU itself. Adata provides the SSD for the 128GB Zenbook models, and SanDisk makes the 256GB drives found in other SKUs. It looks like the Wi-Fi card was altered slightly to fit into the slim casing, though there evidently wasn't enough room to fit in an SD card reader as well. One nice touch is that, rather than marring the ultrabook's all-aluminum exterior, the Microsoft certificate of authenticity was moved to the Zenbook's Apple-like power brick. Asus also bundles the laptop with a few necessary accessories, including a VGA adapter and a USB Ethernet adapter. Click the source link for a full gallery of the teardown.