Back in February, HP (and the company’s mobile team, formerly Palm) announced that it had some big — and small — plans on the horizon. A new tablet, the TouchPad. A larger, high-powered smartphone dubbed the Pre 3, and the Veer. The Veer 4G — an ultra-tiny webOS smartphone that would pick up where the Pixi left off and serve a legion of users who… want a smaller phone? That’s the thinking, apparently. As I went into this review, my take wasn’t so much about the Veer being an alternative to a “real” smartphone but rather that it’s a smartphone with all the power of a normal handset for those looking for something daintier, lighter, and more portable. Jon Rubinstein and the crew at HP have gone out of their way to say that this isn’t an underpowered handset — just a different kind of handset. In fact, Jon told me on the Engadget Show that he was using the Veer as his main device (not the bigger, more powerful Pre 3 or even the semi-new Pre 2). So, will the Veer 4G fill a gap in the market? Can HP’s $99 mini-phone tempt buyers away from the iPhone 3GS or cheaper Android offerings? Or is the diminutive device just another misstep in the Palm / HP story? I try to answer all those questions (and more) in my review below.