It looks like tablet season is getting started early. LG’s G-Slate is having its T-Mobile coming out party on the same day that RIM’s PlayBook is set to slide into the hands of consumers, making for tough decisions for some. The device — powered by Android’s latest incarnation, Honeycomb — is the first in a slew of me-too devices that follow in the spirit of Google’s first stab at this game, the Xoom. Like the Xoom, this slate runs a stock build of the OS, has the same Tegra 2 CPU inside, and features both a front- and rear-facing camera. While the Xoom is available on Verizon here in the States (for now), the G-Slate is a GSM device sporting T-Mobile’s “4G” HSPA+ service. Unlike any tablet that I’ve seen, LG has slapped a 3D camera on the backside of this device, meaning that you’ll be able to shoot and show off your own multi-dimensional videos (with the included red and blue glasses, that is). Following in the footsteps of its other Android tablet brethren, however, T-Mobile requires that you buy the G-Slate on contract and also file for a $100 mail-in rebate, meaning that you’ll lay down a cool $629.99 before you walk out of store with this device. So, is the next Android tablet actually worth your cash? Can the addition of a 3D camera make this wow consumers? Or this another tablet with a case of The Sames — a rounded corner clone in search of an audience? Those answers are just beyond the break… in my full review!