Nokia is holding an event this Wednesday, where we expect to see the company's first round of Windows Phone handsets. Unfortunately, that might be the last we see of them for a while — AdAge is reporting that there won't be any significant marketing for the phones in the US until 2012, which could mean the handsets might not arrive stateside at all this year. The report is based on a leaked advertising brief, which shows that while Nokia is preparing for a big push around "Nokia with Windows Phone" and is looking for an agency to lead the effort in the US, it won't begin until next year. That doesn't necessarily mean the phones won't come this year; it could just be that Microsoft's comfier relationship with cellular carriers will mean that the likes of AT&T will do Nokia's initial marketing. Regardless, a Europe-first launch wouldn't be totally surprising given that Europe has always been Nokia's primary focus and its strongest foothold, but missing a holiday season wouldn't do anything to help Nokia's and Windows Phone's position on the American smartphone landscape.