We've seen this flying drone in action before, but new footage has emerged of the robot at last week's Digital Content Expo in Toyko. Developed and built by Japan's Ministry of Defense, the spherical flying machine is designed to be easily maneuverable and capable of reaching small areas by combining the attributes of a helicopter and small aircraft. The flying sphere's propeller enables vertical take offs and landings, while its wings allow it to tilt horizontally and fly at speeds approaching 40mph. The 350g robot, which has three gyroscopes that enable it to maintain its altitude even when bumping into obstacles, is estimated to be able to hover for eight minutes continuously. It isn't limited to flying either, as its spherical shape allows it to roll on the ground using "control surfaces" and its propeller. Interestingly, the builders claim they were able to complete the entire project with commercially available parts for $1,400 USD. Check out video of the drone in action below.