None of T-Mobile's existing Android devices suit your fancy? Here are another three: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, T-Mobile SpringBoard, and Exhibit II 4G. The former 10-inch Honeycomb slate needs no introduction, but will come with a freshly baked HSPA+ radio when it arrives this November 2nd, while the 7-inch SpringBoard is the Huawei product we tried earlier this month, with a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 3.1 on board. It's due November 16th. You could potentially be disappointed to hear the Exhibit II 4G is also not a wholly new creation (it's a Samsung Galaxy W with AWS and two more capacitive keys) but that could be a mistake — the 3.7-inch Gingerbread device will cost just $200 at Walmart starting tomorrow sans contract, or $29.99 if you sign two years of your life away. Find all the details at our source links.