Nokia introduced two new Windows Phones today, the Lumia 800 and 710, with the former sporting the N9's physical design, gorgeous curved screen, and "pillowy" shape. We had to put that slick new contender up against the modern competition and could think of nothing better than the previous headline grabber on the Windows Phone front, HTC's Titan, and Apple's ever-popular iPhone (the 4S model, of course). When getting to grips with the Lumia 800, we feel just as comfortable as we did with the N9, and we still consider its rounded profile easier to handle than the iPhone and a few miles ahead of the Titan in terms of ergonomics. The AMOLED display works very well with Microsoft's black-dominated Metro interface and the live tiles seem to float atop the screen. Pixel density is starkly better than on the Titan, that's a given, but the effect in person is even more pronounced than in the photos. Still, you're probably here for the eye candy first and foremost — find it in the gallery just after the break.