Small-bodied interchangeable-lens cameras are the future of photography, and everyone knows it. At their best, they bring DSLR-like control and quality to cameras with much smaller bodies. That’s what Sony went for with the NEX-3, and what Olympus and Panasonic did with their Micro Four Thirds cameras. Two big names have been missing from this list, though, and that’s Nikon and Canon. Neither camera goliath released an interchangeable-lens camera that isn’t a DSLR, until Nikon finally unveiled the J1, the first of its new 1 series. On paper, the $649.95 J1 stacks up well against its competition — competitive price, small body, multiple lenses. But how does it stack up in the real world? Can Nikon come into this market late and dominate it, as it did with DSLRs? Read on to find out.