AU Optronics has "dabbled" in flexible epaper since 2009, but now it's really got our attention, with a six-inch futuristic newspaper made from a flexible organic TFT panel and an amorphous silicon photovoltaic battery. Of course, flexible displays, bendy batteries, and squishy solar cells aren't exactly new technologies, but they've been combined here in a way that they really complement one another — and the 800x600 display is only 0.427mm thin. If this were a real e-reader, the solar panels would power the display's refresh when you're sitting on the porch swing, and the battery would provide a reserve for when you're reading in the soft light of the den — a separate rechargeable battery would get you through those intense reading sessions in the moonlight. AUO showed off the device this week at FPD international, but unfortunately, there's no word on when it plans to commercialize the concept.