The Iconia Touchbook is more akin to a proof of concept or a prototype: some great ideas skinned over a platform that can’t handle it (Windows 7) and built into hardware not ready for prime time. The Touchbook, as Acer calls it, weights 6.2 pounds and measures about 1.3 inches thick when closed, which is all just about on par with the Dell XPS 15 equipped with a 9-cell battery. Making it even less portable is a 4-cell Lithium Ion that in practice lasted just over two hours per charge. The two 14-inch, 1366 x 768 touchscreen displays can withstand quite the digit-beating thanks to Gorilla Glass, but at the same time doesn’t always seem to register my clicks. Worse still, the pair suffers from a trifecta of annoyances: heavy glare, pronounced fingerprint smudging, and bad vertical viewing angles. These are all particularly noticeable on the bottom screen, which won’t be in an optimal viewing position unless you’ve got the device propped on an incline. The virtual keyboard is still very usable, but reading text just won’t happen.