There's a lot of love in the video world for Micro Four Thirds cameras, which offer great image quality and compact sizes, but pro shooters using Canon bodies like the 5D Mark II haven't been able to take full advantage -- the passive adapters that let Micro Four Thirds cameras use DSLR lenses don't work with Canon EF glass, since they don't provide the power needed to move the aperture blades. That led Redrock Micro to build the LiveLens MFT Active Lens Mount, which provides power and aperture control to all EF lenses mounted on Micro Four Thirds gear, down to 1/3 of a stop. At $442.50 for the adapter and $52.50 for the power cable, it's an expensive solution that only offers manual focus, but for a pro videographer looking to extend the usefulness of a Canon lens collection, it's the only game in town.