Sony's made a name for its NEX line of cameras by shoving a huge APS-C sensor and interchangeable lens capability into a point-and-shoot sized body, and with the high-end NEX-7, it's packed a viewfinder and a bunch of mode dials into the tiny body as well. We got to spend a few minutes with the camera at this week's PhotoPlus expo, and we liked what we saw: the NEX-7 is good-looking, fast to use and navigate around, and the EVF lends a bit of a pro feel to the camera, though we'd obviously prefer an optical viewfinder. Of course, there's quite the pro feel to its price tag, too: you'll have to shell out $1,350 to get the NEX-7 plus a kit lens. Because of the devastating floods in Thailand, production has been delayed and there's no telling when we'll see this 24-megapixel shooter on shelves, but we'll be watching for it carefully.