Best Free Mac Applications



I'm always looking for great Mac applications that will save me time or energy. So many of the utilities I've been using for a while have become so second nature that I feel lost when I'm not on my own machine.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Dropbox - duh. If you don't have this, get it. Now.
  • Cloud App - Super easy, free hosting for small files to share.
  • GrabBox - If you tend to share a lot of screenshots, Grabbox will automatically upload them to a folder in your Dropbox for quick and easy sharing.
  • Growl - This one may be obvious, but notifications are super important (and very underwhelming on OS X) -
  • Alfred - Quicksilver will forever live on in my heart, but it's become far too buggy for me to rely on daily. Alfred has filled my Quicksilver void as a universal application launcher, but there's a whole lot more that this app can do. -
  • Adium - Many people don't know that you can actually do Facebook or Google Chat outside the web browser. Adium has excellent support for tons of protocols and there's no shortage of "Xtras" that'll customize its appearance to your liking. -

So what are your favorites?