It looks like Sprint is on track to bring the ZTE V55 to its lineup, as the mysterious new CDMA Android tablet has been spotted at the FCC wearing a Sprint logo. ZTE recently showed off two other tablets in China: a high-end 7-inch beast packing a Tegra 3; and a budget 10-incher. From what we can see in the FCC filings, the V55 is neither of those, and is probably a 7 or 8-inch device. ZTE has a history of making budget phones in the US market, so this is likely to be a low-end play by Sprint. The network's cheapest tablet is currently the Galaxy Tab at $199.99 (subsidized), but it's out of stock and will likely be replaced by the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. We'll have to wait and see whether the V55 slots in right at the old Galaxy's price spot, or somewhere below. It's hard to image this tablet coming in much higher than $200.