You can start taking rumors of an Android BlackBerry Messenger app with a little bit less salt now that pictures have been leaked to TechnoBuffalo. If the images are fake, they're the product of a skilled artist — that sticker residue in the upper-left corner looks like it would be hard to Photoshop. BBM has been one of the gems that kept people coming back to RIM, so it seems odd to remove that remaining incentive for loyalty. However, expanding the user base has its benefits, and pressure is mounting with the introduction of Apple's iMessage, Samsung's cross-platform ChatOn, and other copycats — RIM already gave Kik the boot for being too popular in its App World. The leakster claims to work for RIM and divulged that the app could roll out at BlackBerry DevCon this month. Just remember this isn't official, but we'll still be crying if it doesn't happen.