After almost a year of radio silence from Pixel Qi, the company's founder Mary Lou Jepsen has started to perk up quite by sharing bit of information on the display company's momentum.  (For those unfamiliar with Pixel Qi's display technology, the screen provides full-color graphics in normal LCD mode, but the ability to turn off the backlight allows it to morph into a grayscale-like, outdoor-readable display.)  Just a few weeks ago she announced a "significant investment" from 3M, and today she's posted some information on a distribution partnership with All American as well as some progress on production. The information on the new partner is a bit vague, but according to All American's website, the company is a global distributor, unlike its name implies. On top of that business move, Jepsen says that the 1024x600-resolution 7-inch and 1280 x 800-resolution 10-inch screens -- both which were announced earlier this year -- will be making their way into mass production and will be "widely available" soon. That sounds like something we've heard before, but let's just hope these new business deals finally give the company the steam to bring these to more than just unpopular tablets (eh hem Notion Ink Adam) and netbooks (eh hem Clover Sunbook).