Clearwire is paring down its direct-to-consumer offerings today, removing its on-contract, postpaid plans in order to offer a single, $50 a month prepaid service for its 4G WiMAX network. It is also no longer offering devices with both 3G and 4G connectivity, instead selling only 4G WiMAX devices. Current customers can keep their current plans and devices. New customers, on the other hand, will want to make very sure that they are comfortable with the WiMAX coverage in their area because 3G won't be a fallback option.

Looking ahead, Clearwire is still planning on launching an LTE network, though the plan is "subject to additional funding." Although financials have been looking up just a bit for the company lately, its future is more likely to be determined by whether it can establish a long-term wholesale relationship with Sprint than on whether it can convince more customers to buy into $50 prepaid WiMAX plans.