Asus gave us a rough idea of when to expect new tablets yesterday afternoon, but now it looks like February is the exact month when the company's unique Padfone is due. Asus CEO Jerry Shen also held investor calls to explain the company's Q3 results and forecast the future, and Digitimes reports that February will bring two Android tablets in all, possibly even including a 7-inch version of the keyboard-dockable Transformer in addition to the CEO-confirmed Padfone. Shen also reportedly spoke about Ice Cream Sandwich, which won't ship with the new quad-core Transformer Prime but was previously promised before the end of the year. Apparently, that update will be pushed out to multiple machines, including the Prime, in early December. Do you think early adopters will be so tempted by that Tegra 3  that they'll settle for Honeycomb for a month?