Remember this day, the occasion this evening, for it is time of new things. We're of course referring to Acer, the company who just announced a quartet of new all-in-one desktops — two geared towards consumers and two for enterprise. Of the former, the 23-inch AZ5 and 21-inch AZ3 both feature HD touchscreen displays and USB 3.0 ports. What sets the AZ5 apart from the AZ3 is an Intel Core i3-2120 processor and a $749.99 price tag, wherein the AZ3 houses an AMD dual-core A4 with discrete Radeon HD6410 graphics for $649.99 instead.

The new additions to the more enterprise-focused Veriton Z series all-in-ones eschew touch altogether and instead focus on hardware in slim, black and silver casing and a 20-inch widescreen LED display. The Z2620G boasts an Intel Core i5-2400s with discrete NVIDIA GeForce 520M graphics for $849.99, while the Z2610G opts instead for a Pentium G620 processor and integrated Intel HD graphics for $649.99. All four desktops should be available now — and hey, compare all the all-in-ones right now!