The big 'Small Bugs and Design Flaws' topic

Great job guys. awesome, awesome and awesome... Really love the style, design and small things like the live updating of comments box, which doesn't interrupt your reading. You really have thought out everything really well.

But, of course there are always some small bugs and flaws that you missed. And a great community as this, wouldn't be as awesome to help you guys figuring them out and telling you about it, so you can make it even more awesome!

And instead of posting 100+ forum posts about every small thing, it would even be better to make just one and post them all in it, to make it easier for you guys to find!

So, i'll kick of with the first one:

When reading a post, on the left side, there are the social network plugins, FB, Twitter, G+ etc. All of them are the same in every language, except for the FaceBook one. So instead 'like' in English, in Dutch it says 'vind ik leuk'. This is of course way longer and causes the box to 'disappear' behind the post <div>. So it looks like this: TwitPic link.

I'm guessing it's the same for other countries, and have no idea how to fix it properly. And of course it's something you couldn't have known without releasing it to the world. But, as a team of perfectionists you guys are, I thought you might wanted to know.

Keep up the good work!!!!!