How would you improve Battlefield 3?

I'll start:

- Bring true destructibility back.
- You spent millions on a half-assed SP mode to compete with MW.  Why not "small" versions of all the MP maps so DM/TDMers can get some real close quarters action?  That's the only way you'll truly take a bite out of MW.  You have a beautiful engine -- I just don't want to run through grass for 5 minutes to get to a gunfight.
- Dedicated servers.  It's possible to do while not compromising the integrity of your unlock system. (See MW3)
- Kill Origin.  Kill it dead.  Then, kill it again just to make sure.
- An easy map modifier/editor.  Why are these only on consoles?  (See:Forgeworld)
- The ability for fans to create "modules" -- self-contained cooperative missions that can be played with friends, or alone with AI, where you move through an objective/story-based campaign.  Imagine a mission that moved logically and dramatically from land, to sea, to air?  (See: Joint Ops - Typhoon Rising, a 7-year-old game)
- Stop being a child and make yourself available on Steam.
- Get a divorce from EA.
- Kill Origin again -- I think I saw it moving.

I swear I'm not a MW fanboy or a BF hater.  I was there on day one of the beta of BF1942, and knew every inch of Wake Island.  But that was nearly a decade ago.  I think Frostbite 2 is a gorgeous engine with the potential to deliver the world, and it kind of hurts to see it used to basically make the same game over and over again.  

I love you, DICE.  I'm just not "in" love with you anymore.