Looks pretty, but I have some criticisms:

It's not bad, but having said that here are my main criticisms:

1. There are so many new articles, going back pages and pages, Why didn't you guy post them on TIMN?  

2. I know reviews are subjective to the reviewer, but I was hoping for a bit more consistency.  Looking at the scores for the Galaxy S2 versions in the US, they seem inconsistent and contradictory.  

3. TOO MUCH STUFF!  It's funny cause that is one of the biggest criticisms I've heard Josh, Paul, and Nilay levy against other platforms in contrast to Apple in the last podcast.    The blog format was simple and easy to follow, but this feels like you're trying to embrace the dying newspaper format.  Having said that, I think I can get used to it, but I don't know how new users would embrace it.   It's kind of scary the first time you see it.


Also, it looks like "preview" isn't working.