Will the Android model lead to success for Google TV?


With all the discussion recently, most notably on the last This is my next Podcast, speculating about how Apple could approach the TV market, could it be true that Google, in fact, already has the winning model in this area?

It is clear that the TV will be a more difficult market to crack than the smartphone market, due to the dominance and strength of the current players whom control both the content and infrastructure.  It is unlikely that these big fish will want to give over control of their content to a business, which has already entered and disrupted so many other content provision markets. 

Could cable and satellite providers view Google TV as a means to providing customers the experiences they are demanding while remaining in control?

It has been confirmed that Google will be creating original content for YouTube, possibly with one eye looking towards Google TV.  If this content is compelling enough to consumers it may provide a motive for cable and satellite companies to investigate integrating Google TV into their products.

Unlike Apple TV Google TV will allow established providers to tailor their offerings in order maintain control of their content and brand.  While this may not be the best option for consumers could it be the compromise we will have to make to bring the television content industry kicking and screening into this decade?