Guided Rocket

This project was from last year.  The second rocket is in development now, test flights in a week or so.

Although it was published as guided, really the first one was simply controlled, no active guidance system was involved.  The new one will have an active guidance system onboard.

I'll embed the test flight video in case you don't want to visit the webpage.  Before you watch it, please understand how the test flight is set up:  The center of pressure and center of gravity is offset on purpose to provide a small parabolic flight path - basically I fixed the rocket weight so that it would quickly arch over and smash into the ground about 20 feet away from the launch pad.  This was done because I couldn't think of any other way to test the control system - the experiment is to see if the movable fins worked to correct the crash trajectory.  So when you see the rocket start to arch over on it's side, that's supposed to happen.  When you see it fly horizontal for a moment, that proves the control system moves the fins in a way that prevented the rocket from nose diving into the ground - so the system worked.