RFID + Smart Card Reader

Handheld project using Parallax products I had in a parts bin.

The RFID system is for the EM4100 125 kHz tags.  It simply prints the tag number on the LCD screen when a card is read by the antenna.

The smart card ability includes writing, although the project doesn't write anything as of now.  IS23SC4442, IS24C16A and IS24C02A smart cards are compatible with this reader/writer, one of those provides security for the data.  This device just prints out the card data at this point, but again the writing ability is physically there, I just have to stop being lazy and write the code.

Powered by a Basic Stamp 2px microcontroller, it uses a 9V battery inside the case for power.  Here's the site with more details, and I'll embed the video for those that want to just check it out real quick.  Future upgrade ideas I've had so far include a 4x4 keypad to write data to the smart card as well as a button that will copy the read RFID tage number onto the smart card.  If you have any other ideas, let me know!