ICS and Galaxy Nexus: Game Changers or more of the same?

 One thing really jumps out at me when I look at the new Galaxy Nexus; Icecream Sandwich is a very different take on the OS. 

In the unveiling Matias talked about what "Android is" in a WP7-esque monologue. I think the android teams work and focus on this goal really shows through; Android for the first time looks to have some continuity. The design cues and gestures that seem to be persistent across the OS will make navigating a much more intuitive experience. Since these things are accessible to developers in the APK it follows that application development will be more consistent as well.

The big fragmentation concern still exists though. Does this address any of the main concerns that exist about fragmentation and forking? Will Sense, Blur or Touchwiz even leave these philosophies in tact. Can Android even have a unified vision with OEM skinning the norm?

It's been said tons of times but Android needs to be tightened up. At least some more control needs to be exerted over OEM development.

Build a launcher/lock screen skinning engine into the OS? Withhold Google Application support from manufacturers that Hijack the OS? Early HTC phones had Sense running as an overlay that could simply be switched off (Droid Eris owners could have a vanilla experience simply by downloading "home switcher" from the market!).

Why doesn't one big manufacture differentiate themselves in the marketplace by NOT hijacking Android? Every Icecream shop in the world offers Vanilla as a flavor, why doesn't this industry?


What are you excited for with ICS and the Galaxy Nexus?