Comment Sorting

Is it possible to sort comments by "Most Popular" like it is in disqus? This is the single best feature of disqus. I don't want to spend time reading through every comment, just show me the good stuff.

Am I just missing something here, or can the new comment system just not do this?

Since it looks like I need more words to make this post acceptable for publishing, I'll continue rambling on for a bit here. Let me start by telling you how awesome The Verge is. It is awesomely awesome. You already knew that though. You know what isn't awesome? Internet comments. Even as awesome as The Verge is, not everyone who feels the need to comment on articles is as awesome as The Verge itself (some of you are just as awesome though). I need an awesomeness filter for comments so that I can avoid the not so awesome comments and skip straight to the good stuff.

My rambling has succeeded in producing the necessary amount of words. This concludes my rambling.